Death Valley National Park (12/28/17-12/30/17)

Death Valley NP is sooo beautiful in the winter and the weather is too! Highs were in the mid 60’s and lows in the 30’s. This time we stayed in Furnace Creek at The Ranch. We were in Fiddler’s Campground. It was a fine place with no hookups and it’s right next door to the NPS visitor center.

Our first day we visited the visitor center and got info for James’ school project. He has to do a video on a CA landmark and present 10 facts. So we got our info and visited Devil’s golf course, Badwater Basin, got a workout to see Natural Bridge, Artist’s drive, and Salt Water Creek. We were so tired after all of that!

The next day we got up and walked around the Mesquite Sand Dunes and the went on a very nice hike in Mosaic Canyon. Last time we didn’t get far on that hike so I was glad to get to this time.

We’re looking forward to 2018 and all the adventures we will take!!


King’s Canyon NP and Three Rivers, CA (11/24/17-11/26/17)

We took our niece camping with us for the weekend in Three Rivers and we definitely had fun and made some great memories! We stayed at one of our favorite places, Sequoia RV Ranch in site 26. I like that site because it’s at the end of the row and next to the river.

We went into Sequoia NP but didn’t stop too much because we’ve been there plenty and we wanted to go further and go into Kings Canyon NP. Houston vomited a few times on the road up there because it’s windy and Cecelia was giggling all day long. She was a lot of fun to have with us.

In Kings Canyon NP we went to Grants Grove and walked around and ate a picnic lunch. We went and saw General Grant tree and while we were walking around the kids found a fallen tree and climbed through the middle of it.

We had a campfire and spent some time together by it. We came inside and one night we played a game and the other night Cecelia painted my nails. On the way home we stopped for donuts and Wyatt just started puking on the side of the road. So we’ve had lots of vomit this trip! 🤢😬 Next month we’re off to Death Valley!


Yellowstone Nat’l Park, Cody, WY and West Yellowstone, MT (7/25/17-7/29/17)

Yellowstone is definitely the Disneyland of national parks for many reasons. Large crowds, long lines, tons of things to see and do, and that beyond exhausted feeling when you've been going hard all day long to see it all, but it's 100% worth it! Wow! There is sooo many different things in Yellowstone, it's incredible! Geysers, boiling sulfur pits, hot water prismatic pools, mountains, forests, HUGE lakes, rivers, otters (really? Yes!), bison, elk, deer, bears, tons of birds, oh and a GRAND CANYON to name what I can immediately think of.

We camped in Three Mile campground which is 3 miles outside the park from the east entrance. Our first day we arrived at our campsite at about 1pm from Idaho so we decided to keep on heading east and check out Cody, Wyoming.

Cody was awesome! The first thing we did was find a thrift store and we bought a bunch of stuff! My favorites were a pair of Uggs for $4 and a blue and black wool
Poncho for $20. Then we walked around the town and it's a cute, touristy, cowboy town where they sell lots of Yellowstone stuff. We ate dinner at an Italian restaurant and had some froyo after. We stopped and bought some fireworks for a friend. 😉

Every evening we played some games with the boys and just Kyle and I. The boys LOVED playing Zombie dice with us. We would play Pokerkub just the 2 of us.

The next day we headed into Yellowstone. By the end of the day we had driven around the entire park. Old Faithful geyser was very neat, but my favorite was the Grand Prismatic hot pools. I also really enjoyed the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone too. I'm surprised that the upper waterfalls are very green! In my opinion, the Mammoth Hot Springs are not worth the drive. I'll include pictures and label them if where we were.

Grand Prismatic Pool

Hot pool near Grand Prismatic pool

West thumb hot pool

Yellowstone Lake

Mammoth Hot Springs

Old Faithful geyser

Bison in the road

Bison on the side of the road

Many photos of the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone

The next day we headed out of Yellowstone to camp in West Yellowstone, Montana to get that sticker for our map. West Yellowstone was another cute, touristy town. There are tons of stores that sell shirts, mugs, magnets, etc… we walked around a bit and saw a lot of the same so we headed to the Grizzly and wolf discovery center. That place was cool! They have maybe 6-7 bears, 2 wolf packs, and many birds that all have been rescued because they can't live in the wild. They all have large areas to live that are like a native habitat. While we were there I got super pooped on by a bird! It was on my sleeve, shirt, and pants!

The next day we are headed to Las Vegas to just stay the night and then to head on home the next day. This was an impromptu trip but it went very well! Wyatt keeps on asking me to sell our house and just live in the motorhome! Haha! I'm tempted buddy! Until next time!


Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming (7/22/17-7/25/17)

We were supposed to be camping with friends in Mammoth this week but the campgrounds were closed due to all the winter storms we had, so we decided we had enough time to do something we've always wanted to do: see the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone!

We drove from Bakersfield to Salt Lake City for day 1. We stayed at Mountain shadows RV park. It was a nice little park but the sites were a little cramped.

The next day we hit up a goodwill in Salt Lake City and then drove to Victor, Idaho. We stayed at Teton Valley RV resort. It is about a 30 minute drive over a mountain pass from Jackson Hole, Wyoming and the Grand Tetons. It was quiet there but it would've been nice to stay a little closer to everything.

The Grand Tetons were awesome! There is all this flat land with meadows and then there is a row of super high, pointy mountains. It also seemed like there was lots of lakes next to these mountains. Definitely breathtaking views of water right next to snow capped mountains.

First we went to the visitor's center and stamped our national park passports and buy our national park sticker for the motor home. Next we drove to Jenny lake because the boys wanted to go for a swim in a lake.

We had no clue, but they have boats at Jenny lake that you can pay to ride on or canoes you can rent. Th I boys were too young to do the canoes, so we took the shuttle to the other side of the lake. From there we took a half a mile hike to the Hidden Falls which were amazing! We wales around for a while and then headed back and the boys swam in the lake. It was beautiful! We had a picnic at Chapel of the Sacred Heart with a view of Jackson lake and then headed back into Jackson Hole. We stopped at a thrift store and bought the boys Lacrosse gear and a few other things since it was so cheap. Tomorrow we leave for Yellowstone and we'll be camping both in Wyoming and Montana to get those stickers for our motorhome map!


Pismo Beach with mom (7/9/17-7/13/17)

My Mother’s Day gift to my mom was a trip camping at the beach! Luckily we picked a week when we avoided super high temperatures and smoky air from fires in the valley. Basically everyday we did a lot of the same everyday and it was perfect that way! 

Everyday we would go to the beach and spend a few hours there, hit up a coffee bean and tea leaf, then go thrift shopping at a goodwill, and finally we would swim in the pool and hot tub at our campground. 

One of the days my old neighbor, Anna, came to see us and hang out. That day when we were at the beach we saw 2 whales jump COMPLETELY out of the water! I had never seen that before! It was awesome! 

We also spent some time with our friends Robert and Leigh and their kids since they were also staying at Pismo. It was such a fun trip and boy did we have fun catching some good deals! 

We stayed at Pismo Sands in site 20. I think the is the best site we’ve ever had there. U can see the pool and it’s really close to the playground. 


Redwood National Park (6/26/17-6/27/17) 

This is the last leg of our northwest trip and what a beautiful place to end at! Redwood National Park is where the forest meets the ocean. It’s so wet and lush here with ferns and lillies growing under the trees. We did the Lady Bird Johnson trail and it was beautiful!!! It was cool, but not cold, and the beauty of the trees and the vegetation was breathtaking! Kyle also remembered that Return of the Jedi and parts of Jurassic park were filmed there! So cool! 

We stayed at Elk Country RV resort. That place was super cool and we definitely need to stay there again. There is a herd of Roosevelt elk that roam and stay there for a lot of the day. They were very neat to watch. The RV resort had meadow sites and forest sites. We were in the meadow and that was fine, but next time we want to stay in site 96 of the forest area. They had a man made pond that was super pretty too! It’s been an amazing trip and I’m so glad we ventured out far to see things we’ve never seen before! #startreknerd 


Seattle & Olympic National Park (6/24/17-6/26/17)

We’ve finally reached Washington and all the awesomeness it has! Seattle was amazing! Thanks to the suggestions of a few friends I have who live or have lived in the area, this is what we did:

We parked at the Seattle Center. We took a few selfies with the space needle and then enjoyed the amazing architecture of the EMP aka MoPop. They told us the kids could’ve played in the water fountains but we decided not to start our time in Seattle with the boys in wet clothes. Hindsight, we should’ve let them get in because it was so hot that day it would’ve kept them cool. 

We then rode the monorail (must have cash) to the Westlake center which is 3 blocks from Pike’s place market. It’s perfect because the entire walk to the market has tons of shops and cool things to see. I had no idea that Pike’s place market is more than just a fish shop, it’s actually a whole area with fruit and vegetable vendors, more fish vendors, etc. We walked up to the fish market and I asked the guy to throw a fish for us and he threw a few! So fun! We bought some fruit from another vendor and then ate at a restaurant with a view of the water, Farris wheel, and all the boats. Kyle and I split a clam and mussel pasta that was delicious! 

Then we went down to the piers and rode the Farris wheel. It was surprisingly hot in those boxes, but the views were worth it and the boys had fun. We went back up to Pike’s place market and stood in line at the first Starbucks. That was interesting because it wasn’t much like any of the other Starbucks. Everyone got a frappucino for dessert and Kyle bought a mug sold only at that location. 

We headed back to the monorail and back to Seattle center where we noticed a playground right by the MoPop. The boys played there until the sun set (around 9:30!) and we headed back. Seattle was amazing! 

We stayed at Trailer Inns RV of Bellevue in site 4. There isn’t a lot to look at to this park, but it is only 20 minutes away from downtown Seattle so it made it nice to stay there. 

The next day we took off and went to Olympic National Park. I had no clue how big it was so we only saw a fraction of the park. We entered and headed to Hurricane Ridge which has some breathtaking views! We talked to a ranger and he said to go to Lake Crescent and let the boys swim in the lake since it was a warm day. We saw some deer in the meadows and played in a bit of snow. 

Then we headed over to Lake Crescent which had very clear blue waters. You could look down and see logs and trees at the bottom of the lake. The boys and Kyle jumped in and had a swim and I got a great video of it. Great memories made!

We went back to our campsite at Rainbow’s end RV in site 18. It was a nice quiet park that was nice. I couldn’t do laundry there so I had to go into Sequim to a laundromat but it all worked out because I did some shopping while I waited!  

Tomorrow we start heading back south but we will have one more entry because we are planning on visiting Redwoods National Park!