Seattle & Olympic National Park (6/24/17-6/26/17)

We’ve finally reached Washington and all the awesomeness it has! Seattle was amazing! Thanks to the suggestions of a few friends I have who live or have lived in the area, this is what we did:

We parked at the Seattle Center. We took a few selfies with the space needle and then enjoyed the amazing architecture of the EMP aka MoPop. They told us the kids could’ve played in the water fountains but we decided not to start our time in Seattle with the boys in wet clothes. Hindsight, we should’ve let them get in because it was so hot that day it would’ve kept them cool. 

We then rode the monorail (must have cash) to the Westlake center which is 3 blocks from Pike’s place market. It’s perfect because the entire walk to the market has tons of shops and cool things to see. I had no idea that Pike’s place market is more than just a fish shop, it’s actually a whole area with fruit and vegetable vendors, more fish vendors, etc. We walked up to the fish market and I asked the guy to throw a fish for us and he threw a few! So fun! We bought some fruit from another vendor and then ate at a restaurant with a view of the water, Farris wheel, and all the boats. Kyle and I split a clam and mussel pasta that was delicious! 

Then we went down to the piers and rode the Farris wheel. It was surprisingly hot in those boxes, but the views were worth it and the boys had fun. We went back up to Pike’s place market and stood in line at the first Starbucks. That was interesting because it wasn’t much like any of the other Starbucks. Everyone got a frappucino for dessert and Kyle bought a mug sold only at that location. 

We headed back to the monorail and back to Seattle center where we noticed a playground right by the MoPop. The boys played there until the sun set (around 9:30!) and we headed back. Seattle was amazing! 

We stayed at Trailer Inns RV of Bellevue in site 4. There isn’t a lot to look at to this park, but it is only 20 minutes away from downtown Seattle so it made it nice to stay there. 

The next day we took off and went to Olympic National Park. I had no clue how big it was so we only saw a fraction of the park. We entered and headed to Hurricane Ridge which has some breathtaking views! We talked to a ranger and he said to go to Lake Crescent and let the boys swim in the lake since it was a warm day. We saw some deer in the meadows and played in a bit of snow. 

Then we headed over to Lake Crescent which had very clear blue waters. You could look down and see logs and trees at the bottom of the lake. The boys and Kyle jumped in and had a swim and I got a great video of it. Great memories made!

We went back to our campsite at Rainbow’s end RV in site 18. It was a nice quiet park that was nice. I couldn’t do laundry there so I had to go into Sequim to a laundromat but it all worked out because I did some shopping while I waited!  

Tomorrow we start heading back south but we will have one more entry because we are planning on visiting Redwoods National Park! 


Crater Lake National Park & Portland, Oregon (6/21/17-6/24/17)

Our trip of the northwest continues! We spent a few days at Crater Lake NP. It was soooo breathtaking! The water was so pure, clear, and blue! It’s amazing! There was a lot of snow so we could only travel almost halfway around it instead of all the way around it. At one point we had climbed a bank of snow to take a photo and then when we were headed down it I kept on slipping because I was in sandals. I plopped down and slid down on my butt and got going so fast I landed on the asphalt! We all laughed so hard! Then the boys followed me down that way too! 

We stayed at Crater Lake RV park in site 25. It was so nice there and there were trees all over the park. There were 2 trails leading to a river and a lake as well from the park. The hosts gave us a map to some falls and a gorge nearby. We saw Pearsony falls and a gorge on the Rogue river. We spent a lot of time hiking around and getting bitten by mosquitoes! Haha! Making memories! 

We spent 1 day in Portland. We stayed at Roamers Rest RV. It was nice and quiet there. In Portland, we followed some advice and parked at OHSU and took the gondolas down into the city. The ride was amazing and the view of the city was incredible! We ate at some food trucks at the base of the gondolas. I had Korean while they had waffle sandwiches. Then we rode a trolley to the waterfront and walked around and bought the boys some candy. Then we ate at Tartberry frozen yogurt which was yummy! Our next post will be from Seattle, Washington! 


Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks, Utah (11/20/16-11/22/16)

We were so excited to get 2 nights at the Watchman Campground IN Zion National Park at the last minute. Even our campground had amazing views of the beautiful red rocks and yellow leaves on the trees. Fall is such a beautiful time in these national parks! It was the entire family’s first time at either of these parks. 
We arrived on Sunday and set up camp and then went on a drive to see what we could see. On the weekends you can only travel by shuttle up the Zion Canyon road, so we drove up the other road which takes you through a mile long tunnel made in 1930 to go through the mountain to the east side of the national park. 

The rocks are pretty and red on the west side of the park, and on the east side some are still red but they’re mainly shades of brown but have the coolest “scraped” look that reminds me of Van Gogh’s brush strokes on his paintings. The rest of the family was sick of me, but I made them stop so many times to take photos. 

Monday morning we woke up, got our national parks passports stamped at the visitor’s center, and then did the Zion Canyon drive. There were so many waterfalls through the rocks. It was breath taking! It rained all Sunday night and Monday morning so there was plenty of water everywhere. 

We stopped at the Emerald pools spot and did about a mile hike to the waterfalls there. It was so cool because there were several waterfalls and so much water was moving that the air was very misty. You could walk behind the waterfall, but we didn’t do it because we knew we were headed to Bryce Canyon and it had been snowing there so we didn’t want the boys wet before they go play in the snow. It still made for some amazing photos! The trail was very beautiful too! 

Then we drove to Bryce Canyon National Park. It’s about 1.5 hours east from Zion. Once we got to a bit higher elevation it was amazing because there was a fresh blanket of snow everywhere. 

Bryce Canyon was so cold, but breathtaking! Sunset point had the most amazing view of the Hoodoos covered in snow. I posted a pic on social media and everyone was telling me how lucky we were to see it covered in snow. One of these photos might be our Christmas card photo. 

We drove back in time for the sun to set and then we enjoyed some time staying warm in the motor home together. We’re leaving in the morning to hopefully stay somewhere in Arizona or Vegas before making the long drive back home. 


Sequoia National Park (1/22/16-1/24/16)

Our first trip of 2016 was to Sequoia National Park. We got extremely lucky with the weather in the park because it started to snow while we were there and it truly felt magical. 

We stayed again at Sequoia RV Ranch in site 56. It’s so peaceful there and I only counted 4 other trailers there so it was almost empty. The river was much higher than it was last time too. 

We arrived Friday night, set up, made chili and corn bread, played Yatzee, and went to bed. It rained hard all through the night.

Saturday morning we got up and hopped in the truck quickly because it was still raining hard. We had to rent snow chains because they were required to enter the park. It was just pouring down rain while we started the climb up the mountain and you couldn’t see anything because of the clouds and fog. 

We reached the checkpoint where you have to put on chains and the ranger waved us through because he said we would be fine. It was so nice not to put those on! 

We made it to the Giant Forest and we took our national parks passports and stamped the cancelations in them. It was raining so hard and then it started hailing. It was miserable to be outside. 

We drove on further to General Sherman since the boys didn’t get to see it last time. That’s when everything turned magical. The rain switched to snow, tiny snowflakes. We got some awesome pics with the trees in the snow and then decided to head back because the snow started coming down thicker and we didn’t want to get stuck. Driving with those giant snowflakes amongst the largest trees in the world was simply breathtaking. I’ll add a video I took. 

A view we had coming down the mountain as the clouds were clearing.

 We stopped in Three Rivers at Reimer’s candies and gifts and got some ice cream. They had an amazing selection of candy. 

We headed back to our trailer and the boys played washers and with their swords and shields. I also took them on a walk so they could ride their scooters. 

We made a campfire and sat around it eating dinner. It got much colder than the night before so we went inside, watched a movie, and went to bed. 

Sunday morning we got up and I took the boys for a walk by the river. James fell in it, luckily only his legs, so our walk ended quickly and we went back to the trailer, packed up, and headed home. It was a short but definitely memorable trip. 👨‍👨‍👦❤️🌲


Stallion Springs, CA with Ken and Anna Kuzminski

We just finished an amazing, snow filled weekend in Stallion Springs, CA camping at the home of Ken and Anna Kuzminski, our neighbors of 5 years from Cranbrook. 12/18/15-12/20/15

We got up there Friday afternoon and it was cold but clear and you could see the lights all the way down in the stallion springs valley from their place. 

 We had our trailer on a lower piece of their 6 acres. We arrived in the late afternoon, parked the trailer, then went to their house where Anna fed us potato soup and I made apple dump cake and ice cream. Then we went out to a fire pit they built in the protection of some huge rocks and trees and ate smores and enjoyed each others’ company. 

Saturday we got up, Ken made breakfast and then we went to Tehachapi park and took the kids sledding. They had a BLAST!!! Kyle and I even went down the hill a few times each. I have a few videos of Wyatt and James wiping out on them. Houston didn’t want to sled for the longest time and then once Kyle held him in his lap then he started going on his own. Ken and Anna came with us and we were laughing so hard at all of the boys. 

Then we went home and Kyle cooked burgers on their fire pit. The oak wood gave those burgers a great flavor. He was so proud of those burgers. He took the boys to Ken’s area and they shot the BB gun and bow and arrow. Then we hung out at their fire pit again and it started to snow huge white snowflakes!!! It felt magical. It was hard to capture in photos but the videos turned out well. The boys were trying to catch snowflakes on their tongues. Hilarious! We made s’mores at the fire pit and then went inside once it really started getting wet with all the snow and water. 


Anna made beef stew for dinner and her son and his girlfriend Sam and Courtney came up too. They are into cats and board games just like us so we had a lot to talk about. They boys watched a Christmas movie and I ended up talking to Anna in the garage as she painted these tiny building for us for our “Tiner Town”. Ken made us a sign for our trailer in the shape of a canoe called “Camp Run-a-muk”. It’s so fitting for us and the boys. 

Sunday morning we got up to snow! There wasn’t a ton of it, but a light covering most places. I actually could hear it all night long hitting the trailer. Everything was really wet and muddy as we walked up to the house for breakfast. It was about 28 degrees outside. We ate, then took the boys for a little hike on their property. It was so cold we didn’t last long. We went to our trailer and watched Finding Nemo. 

Then we went to the United Pegasus Foundation with a giant bag of carrots to feed the horses. That place is a rescue center where old racing horses can go to retire without being killed. Anyone can go out there and feed them carrots. They were very skiddish and loved to run, but they did let us feed them and even James and I got to pet them a bit. 

We went back to Ken and Anna’s, made sandwiches for lunch, and then hooked up the trailer and left. I got some great photos of Tehachapi and the surrounding area and all the snow that fell Saturday night. It feels like a winter wonderland up there.  They boys want to go sledding again so we might make it a day trip one more time while we are on Christmas break.