Seattle & Olympic National Park (6/24/17-6/26/17)

We’ve finally reached Washington and all the awesomeness it has! Seattle was amazing! Thanks to the suggestions of a few friends I have who live or have lived in the area, this is what we did:

We parked at the Seattle Center. We took a few selfies with the space needle and then enjoyed the amazing architecture of the EMP aka MoPop. They told us the kids could’ve played in the water fountains but we decided not to start our time in Seattle with the boys in wet clothes. Hindsight, we should’ve let them get in because it was so hot that day it would’ve kept them cool. 

We then rode the monorail (must have cash) to the Westlake center which is 3 blocks from Pike’s place market. It’s perfect because the entire walk to the market has tons of shops and cool things to see. I had no idea that Pike’s place market is more than just a fish shop, it’s actually a whole area with fruit and vegetable vendors, more fish vendors, etc. We walked up to the fish market and I asked the guy to throw a fish for us and he threw a few! So fun! We bought some fruit from another vendor and then ate at a restaurant with a view of the water, Farris wheel, and all the boats. Kyle and I split a clam and mussel pasta that was delicious! 

Then we went down to the piers and rode the Farris wheel. It was surprisingly hot in those boxes, but the views were worth it and the boys had fun. We went back up to Pike’s place market and stood in line at the first Starbucks. That was interesting because it wasn’t much like any of the other Starbucks. Everyone got a frappucino for dessert and Kyle bought a mug sold only at that location. 

We headed back to the monorail and back to Seattle center where we noticed a playground right by the MoPop. The boys played there until the sun set (around 9:30!) and we headed back. Seattle was amazing! 

We stayed at Trailer Inns RV of Bellevue in site 4. There isn’t a lot to look at to this park, but it is only 20 minutes away from downtown Seattle so it made it nice to stay there. 

The next day we took off and went to Olympic National Park. I had no clue how big it was so we only saw a fraction of the park. We entered and headed to Hurricane Ridge which has some breathtaking views! We talked to a ranger and he said to go to Lake Crescent and let the boys swim in the lake since it was a warm day. We saw some deer in the meadows and played in a bit of snow. 

Then we headed over to Lake Crescent which had very clear blue waters. You could look down and see logs and trees at the bottom of the lake. The boys and Kyle jumped in and had a swim and I got a great video of it. Great memories made!

We went back to our campsite at Rainbow’s end RV in site 18. It was a nice quiet park that was nice. I couldn’t do laundry there so I had to go into Sequim to a laundromat but it all worked out because I did some shopping while I waited!  

Tomorrow we start heading back south but we will have one more entry because we are planning on visiting Redwoods National Park!