Yellowstone Nat’l Park, Cody, WY and West Yellowstone, MT (7/25/17-7/29/17)

Yellowstone is definitely the Disneyland of national parks for many reasons. Large crowds, long lines, tons of things to see and do, and that beyond exhausted feeling when you've been going hard all day long to see it all, but it's 100% worth it! Wow! There is sooo many different things in Yellowstone, it's incredible! Geysers, boiling sulfur pits, hot water prismatic pools, mountains, forests, HUGE lakes, rivers, otters (really? Yes!), bison, elk, deer, bears, tons of birds, oh and a GRAND CANYON to name what I can immediately think of.

We camped in Three Mile campground which is 3 miles outside the park from the east entrance. Our first day we arrived at our campsite at about 1pm from Idaho so we decided to keep on heading east and check out Cody, Wyoming.

Cody was awesome! The first thing we did was find a thrift store and we bought a bunch of stuff! My favorites were a pair of Uggs for $4 and a blue and black wool
Poncho for $20. Then we walked around the town and it's a cute, touristy, cowboy town where they sell lots of Yellowstone stuff. We ate dinner at an Italian restaurant and had some froyo after. We stopped and bought some fireworks for a friend. 😉

Every evening we played some games with the boys and just Kyle and I. The boys LOVED playing Zombie dice with us. We would play Pokerkub just the 2 of us.

The next day we headed into Yellowstone. By the end of the day we had driven around the entire park. Old Faithful geyser was very neat, but my favorite was the Grand Prismatic hot pools. I also really enjoyed the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone too. I'm surprised that the upper waterfalls are very green! In my opinion, the Mammoth Hot Springs are not worth the drive. I'll include pictures and label them if where we were.

Grand Prismatic Pool

Hot pool near Grand Prismatic pool

West thumb hot pool

Yellowstone Lake

Mammoth Hot Springs

Old Faithful geyser

Bison in the road

Bison on the side of the road

Many photos of the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone

The next day we headed out of Yellowstone to camp in West Yellowstone, Montana to get that sticker for our map. West Yellowstone was another cute, touristy town. There are tons of stores that sell shirts, mugs, magnets, etc… we walked around a bit and saw a lot of the same so we headed to the Grizzly and wolf discovery center. That place was cool! They have maybe 6-7 bears, 2 wolf packs, and many birds that all have been rescued because they can't live in the wild. They all have large areas to live that are like a native habitat. While we were there I got super pooped on by a bird! It was on my sleeve, shirt, and pants!

The next day we are headed to Las Vegas to just stay the night and then to head on home the next day. This was an impromptu trip but it went very well! Wyatt keeps on asking me to sell our house and just live in the motorhome! Haha! I'm tempted buddy! Until next time!


The Grand Canyon! (3/19/16-3/21/16)

We’re doing a tour of the southwest for spring break! Our first stop was the Grand Canyon. It was the boys’ first time in Arizona!

We stayed at the Trailer Village RV park inside the national park. We were in spot 2 right in the front. The sites were small, but had full hook ups. We were by a patch of trees that the boys loved to climb. I would stay there again because you’re just minutes away from seeing the canyon and doing any activities there. 

We woke up Sunday morning and got going quickly. We went to the Grand Canyon visitor center and got our national parks passports stamped. We took some pics at the Canyon there. 

Then we moved on to the Tusayan Museum where the boys annoyed the lady worked there so we did our stamps and left. We went to the Desert View View Center and the boys climbed up in the tower. We sat on some benches for a while and we helped the boys complete their junior ranger books. 

 Then we drove to the other side and saw the train station and the Grand Canyon train. It runs to Williams, AZ and we were really interested in taking it. The problem was it only runs from the GC to Williams once a day, so we couldn’t get back. Also, the cheapest tickets were $75 per adult and the most expensive were $220 each. So needless to say, we didn’t take the train. 

 We went to the Verkamp’s visitor center and got more stamps and then walked down to the Kolb studio and got a few more stamps. There are lots of little buildings with interesting things to see and buy, but with the boys being how they are, we didn’t go in. 

To complete the junior ranger program, you have to attend a class offered by a ranger. We attended a geology class by the Yavapai Geology center and then the ranger had the boys take the junior ranger oath. This was their first at a National Park. 

There were deer everywhere! They stopped traffic and came very near our campsite. They were fun to watch. 

We rode the blue shuttle around a bit and then took the red shuttle up the east side of the canyon to Hopi point. We watched the sun set over the canyon there. Beautiful!!! 

 We were planning on staying another day, but we had done everything we could do on the South Rim and all that the visitors center could suggest we do was hike into the canyon, but we didn’t feel comfortable doing that with the boys so we decided to leave a day early and head to Holbrook, AZ. You’ll see what we did there in my next post. 😉