Providence, RI (7/16/18-7/17/18)

We made the short drive from Connecticut to Rhode Island to enjoy the US’ littlest state. Providence had everything we were hoping for and then some!

Both Kyle and I needed new shoes and we found Garden City Center which had tons of stores and a yummy restaurant called Newport Creamery. They had “awful awful” drinks (milkshakes) and Kyle and I both ordered the vermonster which was a grilled cheese sandwich with bacon, maple syrup, and caramelized onions, cooked in a waffle maker! Delicious!!

After new shoes and food, we went to Rocky Point State Park which was our first time touching the Atlantic Ocean! It was surprisingly warm! The beach was quite rocky and I collected a bunch of rocks and seashells in my Starbucks cup. Off to Boston tomorrow! I’m so excited!


Channel Islands National Park (4/27/18-4/29/18)

Finally we made it to the Channel Islands!! There are 9 national parks in California and we have officially been to them all!!! (And a total of 17 so far in the US)

We stayed in Ventura at Evergreen RV park. We were in overflow which is in the parking lot right by the office. It definitely seems like a more residential park than vacation spot, but it was pretty cheap so we took it. We drove by Faria park, Rincon parkway, and Emma Wood campground and will probably try to stay in one of them next time.

We went on the island packers boat to Santa Cruz Island. The ocean was ROUGH, I mean rough!! They said 5 ft swells. Houston and I both threw up on the way there and Wyatt cried for a while. Kyle took care of all us, and James was the only one who really enjoyed the ride.

The island was beautiful! I would have loved to kayak, but it was way pricy! We went on some beautiful hikes one was along the cliffs and the ocean, the other was in Scorpion canyon. Sooo fun! When we were in Ventura, we visited a couple of thrift shops and enjoyed watching movies in the motor home.

Instead of heading home, we took an extra little detour that you can read about next. 😉


Pismo Beach (3/23/18-3/26/18)

It’s SPRING BREAK!!! We peaced out of Bako as soon as possible with our niece Cecelia to spend some time relaxing with the waves and the sun. 🙂 It was so fun traveling with another girl! She makes us laugh all the time! We heard “bro” a lot, sang with her and radio every time we were in the car, and we taught her how to thrift shop and showed her princess bride for the first time.

The beach was surprisingly windy so we only went twice in 4 days and went to 9 different thrift stores! We ate froyo twice as well! Haha! C bought lots of clothes, all the boys got old school igloo lunch pails, we bought lots of movies, records, picture frames, toys, games, etc… That’s always a blast!

We spent Sunday night hanging out with Joe and Jen Martin who were camping at PCV but unfortunately didn’t get any pics! It was super windy there, but we stayed warm by fire and had a good time hanging out.

Next month we have another trip to the beach planned! Next time it’ll be Ventura and the Channel Islands!!! I’m so excited!!


Wyatt’s Birthday trip at Pismo Beach (9/15/17-9/17/17)

Wyatt wanted to celebrate his birthday boogie boarding in Pismo so that’s what we did! We took his cousin Taylor with us because they’re super close. My parents also came along and got an Air bnb. We stayed at Pismo Sands RV resort because we love the hot tub they have!

We went out to donuts twice because he didn’t want cake. We also went to 2 different goodwills and had lots of fun getting stuff for some good deals! We spent about 3 hours at Avila Beach letting them boogie board and have fun. They had a blast playing and having fun! We went out for pizza and ice cream and swam at the resort a few times. Taylor got a design book and has been having tons of fun designing clothes in it.

It was definitely a fun trip and many awesome memories were made!!! 🏖🚎🍕🍰


Pismo Beach with mom (7/9/17-7/13/17)

My Mother’s Day gift to my mom was a trip camping at the beach! Luckily we picked a week when we avoided super high temperatures and smoky air from fires in the valley. Basically everyday we did a lot of the same everyday and it was perfect that way! 

Everyday we would go to the beach and spend a few hours there, hit up a coffee bean and tea leaf, then go thrift shopping at a goodwill, and finally we would swim in the pool and hot tub at our campground. 

One of the days my old neighbor, Anna, came to see us and hang out. That day when we were at the beach we saw 2 whales jump COMPLETELY out of the water! I had never seen that before! It was awesome! 

We also spent some time with our friends Robert and Leigh and their kids since they were also staying at Pismo. It was such a fun trip and boy did we have fun catching some good deals! 

We stayed at Pismo Sands in site 20. I think the is the best site we’ve ever had there. U can see the pool and it’s really close to the playground. 


Redwood National Park (6/26/17-6/27/17) 

This is the last leg of our northwest trip and what a beautiful place to end at! Redwood National Park is where the forest meets the ocean. It’s so wet and lush here with ferns and lillies growing under the trees. We did the Lady Bird Johnson trail and it was beautiful!!! It was cool, but not cold, and the beauty of the trees and the vegetation was breathtaking! Kyle also remembered that Return of the Jedi and parts of Jurassic park were filmed there! So cool! 

We stayed at Elk Country RV resort. That place was super cool and we definitely need to stay there again. There is a herd of Roosevelt elk that roam and stay there for a lot of the day. They were very neat to watch. The RV resort had meadow sites and forest sites. We were in the meadow and that was fine, but next time we want to stay in site 96 of the forest area. They had a man made pond that was super pretty too! It’s been an amazing trip and I’m so glad we ventured out far to see things we’ve never seen before! #startreknerd 


Pismo Beach for spring break! (4/7/17-4/12/17)

Instead of going somewhere far away or trying to tackle tons of different sights to see, we decided to really relax over break and just set up and chill at Pismo. It was AWESOME! 6 days and 5 nights of relaxation… 

We couldn’t get into PCV so we stayed at Pismo Sands. It’s in Oceano, so it’s a drive to Pismo and all the usual things we do, but it was nice because it was calmer, more spacious, less busy, and most importantly, they have a HEATED pool and jacuzzi! We swam and relaxed in the pool and jacuzzi at least once a day, but some days as much as 3 times! We were in site 52 and it was a great site, a pull through near the pool. They also have a great pirate ship playground. 

Most days we went to the beach and played for a while. James and Kyle would boogie board and the littles would play a bit in the water and then mainly in the sand. One day we visited our friends Joe and Jen Martin at PCV and we let all the kids play in the Pismo creek and in the ocean there. 

We saw a dead otter on the beach that had several puncture wounds and its face damaged a lot. A state employee came and got it and she said there are tons of great whites right now in the water and otters do get killed by them sometimes. 

Every time I come to Pismo I call my high school French teacher, Mme Marsh and she came over and ate dinner with us and hung out by the fire. She loved the magic fire when we added the color packets. It’s always great to see her. 

We ate out a few times. We are a family portion of fish and chips at the Quarterhouse. We ate froyo a few times and we loved this place called Surfside donuts too. We also ate some awesome breakfast burritos at the Orange Cat cafe but they only take cash so u have to be prepared. Also we had to have pizza at Klondikes pizza in Arroyo Grande. 

We made friends with 2 sets of neighbors one from Bakersfield too and another from Oakhurst. They all had boys and the kids were just playing together every moment they could. 

We also visited 2 used bookstores to buy the boys some books to keep them entertained in case it rained. Nan’s bookstore was great and she even had a cat we made friends with. A to Z books was too pricy and we didn’t buy much there. 

It was a wonderful and relaxing trip and we’re thinking of making it a spring break tradition!