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Indian Hills Campground, Tehachapi, CA

We took the trailer out for her maiden voyage November 10-11th in Tehachapi, CA at the Indian hills campground. We just found the campground online and the pictures looked wonderful so we went. 

When we arrived it was SNOWING! My boys had never been in active snowfall before. The camp host, Valerie, was really nice and she even pulled her truck over and let the boys climb in the back and get all the snow out that had accumulated there. 


The sun quickly set soon after we arrived so we piled in the trailer and started enjoying it. 

  It was cold but the heater in the trailer works well and kept us nice and toasty. We stayed where all the residential people stay because the campground further back into the hills was closed due to the roads being covered in mud. Valerie told us those sites are only open in spring and summer. 
We hiked up the road on foot and since everything was covered in snow, I was able to take our family photo for our Christmas card. 

There was a lot of space to walk and hike around. We even found a complete cow’s carcass on a walk. It was slightly on the chilly side, but in the sun you felt warm. I would definitely go and stay there again. The boys loved being outdoors and just playing hard. We also went into town and ate at Kohen’s bakery and cafe. It is a German cafe with amazing sandwiches and baked goods. I will go there every time we go to Tehachapi. All in all, it was a great first trip!