Super Bowl weekend at Pismo beach (2/3/17-2/6/17)

There’s a group of friends who go camping for Super Bowl weekend every year at Pismo Beach. We decided to join them this year after 8 years of not going in the trip. It was a blast! We were there with the Witchers, the Rhodes, the Vanderziels, the Bentleys, and the Martins. 

We were in campsite 205 and it’s right by the pool and the beach access. It was a great location. We spent most of the time hanging out at the campsites. The moms did walk to the outlet mall and enjoy doing some shopping and we walked into downtown Pismo and walked on the pier and enjoyed spending time together. 

I also texted Dell-Louise Marsh and she came to our campsite for a visit. It was great to see her and hear she’s keeping busy and doing well. 

The big game was with the Falcons and the Patriots and it really looked like the Falcons were going to win but the patriots came back at the end to win. Darn! We all were rooting for the underdog. It was a wonderful trip and we all made great memories together!