Pinnacles National Park, CA (1/27-1/29) 

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade! That was definitely how this trip got started. My 33rd birthday is tomorrow and I decided that I wanted to go camping in Big Sur at a campground my friend recommended. We made it almost to highway 1 only to find out that it was closed in both directions to the campground because of mudslides. So we found ourselves on the central California coast with no where to stay. 

We had no choice but to turn around and head back the way we came. The most recent city we drove through was Paso Robles and since it was already 7pm, we decided to find somewhere stay there and make a plan for the rest of the weekend. We stayed at Vines RV resort. It was fine but not great. We were in campsite 27 and it was right next to the 101 and you heard traffic all night long. 

We woke up early and left and went to Pinnacles National Park. Neither my husband nor I had ever been there before, and we figured out why. Pinnacles National Park was just founded in 2013. 

We stayed in the park at campsite 114 that did have electricity! That was nice! It was so pretty there! We took the shuttle up to the Bear Gulch nature center and then did the 2.2 mile hike into the Bear Gulch caves. There was so much water from all the rain we’ve had recently. The waterfalls were flowing good. Hiking through the caves was fun and crazy! There was 1 point where you have to walk on about 8 feet of a tiny rock wall or else you’re going to be about a foot deep in freezing water. There are also very narrow places and another point where you have to crawl to get through such a tiny space. That was the most fun hike I’ve ever been on! 

Once we finished the hike we climbed up this area where there were tiny caves and we had the boys climb up in them and took some pics and then we ate a snack. 

Bear Gulch area also has some tables so we stopped so the boys could play. They decided to cross the river on a fallen tree and guess who fell in? 

The answer: Houston! Haha! Poor guy! That water was freezing! 

We then had to head back to the motor home quickly so Houston could change. We got our National Parks passports stamped at the welcome center and we spent the rest of the day relaxing at the motor home and the boys played with a family camping next to us. It was fun and relaxing and I’m thrilled we are camping again next weekend!