Virgin River Campground, AZ (11/22/16-11/23/16) 

We really wanted to stay the night in Arizona so we could add the Arizona sticker to our map of states we’ve camped in since we are trying to camp with the boys in all 50 states before they move out.

We saw a sign for the Virgin River Campground right after we crossed into Arizona from Utah. It is a quiet little campground with no hook-ups and it costs $8 a night. It is right off the I-15 freeway.

It’s desert all around you with beautiful views of rocks and mountains. There are a few trails and we took one down to the river. It’s red like the dirt and was flowing very quickly. There were Joshua trees and wildflowers all around. It was so pretty! The sand by the river was just like beach sand but red. It was so cool! The boys loved playing in it.

We went back to our motor home and the boys started playing with these 2 boys from another campsite. We started talking to that family and it turns out that they were from Fresno! What a small world! They invited us to their campsite and we did s’mores with them, and gave each other tours of our rigs since they were just renting theirs but thinking of buying one.

It got very cold so we all went in our rigs for the night, and we’re planning on heading home tomorrow. It’s been a great time traveling far from home and we can’t wait for our next opportunity to!


Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks, Utah (11/20/16-11/22/16)

We were so excited to get 2 nights at the Watchman Campground IN Zion National Park at the last minute. Even our campground had amazing views of the beautiful red rocks and yellow leaves on the trees. Fall is such a beautiful time in these national parks! It was the entire family’s first time at either of these parks. 
We arrived on Sunday and set up camp and then went on a drive to see what we could see. On the weekends you can only travel by shuttle up the Zion Canyon road, so we drove up the other road which takes you through a mile long tunnel made in 1930 to go through the mountain to the east side of the national park. 

The rocks are pretty and red on the west side of the park, and on the east side some are still red but they’re mainly shades of brown but have the coolest “scraped” look that reminds me of Van Gogh’s brush strokes on his paintings. The rest of the family was sick of me, but I made them stop so many times to take photos. 

Monday morning we woke up, got our national parks passports stamped at the visitor’s center, and then did the Zion Canyon drive. There were so many waterfalls through the rocks. It was breath taking! It rained all Sunday night and Monday morning so there was plenty of water everywhere. 

We stopped at the Emerald pools spot and did about a mile hike to the waterfalls there. It was so cool because there were several waterfalls and so much water was moving that the air was very misty. You could walk behind the waterfall, but we didn’t do it because we knew we were headed to Bryce Canyon and it had been snowing there so we didn’t want the boys wet before they go play in the snow. It still made for some amazing photos! The trail was very beautiful too! 

Then we drove to Bryce Canyon National Park. It’s about 1.5 hours east from Zion. Once we got to a bit higher elevation it was amazing because there was a fresh blanket of snow everywhere. 

Bryce Canyon was so cold, but breathtaking! Sunset point had the most amazing view of the Hoodoos covered in snow. I posted a pic on social media and everyone was telling me how lucky we were to see it covered in snow. One of these photos might be our Christmas card photo. 

We drove back in time for the sun to set and then we enjoyed some time staying warm in the motor home together. We’re leaving in the morning to hopefully stay somewhere in Arizona or Vegas before making the long drive back home. 


Viva Las Vegas! (11/18/16-11/20/16)

The Thanksgiving holidays are here and it’s our first out of state trip in the motor home! We had a half day at school and then took off and headed to Vegas. We had some problems towing the Traverse behind us so we had an hour stop first at camping world before heading east. We also saw a nasty wreck involving a big rig the smashed into the car in front of it, that smashed into the motor home in front of it. Even though the drive had an hour added to it because of the traffic and wreck, it made us thankful to arrive there in one piece. 

We stayed at Oasis RV resort in South Las Vegas. The resort was super nice and it’s right off the 15 freeway. 

Friday we arrived at about 9 pm so we literally set down the jacks and at dinner 😳, and went to bed. We did come in at night and seeing the strip all lite up was cool. 

Saturday we got up and parked by the Las Vegas monorail and used that to get around the strip. I highly recommend it because the strip is so crowded. We paid $25 bucks for each adult, kids are free, and we rode the high-roller. It is the world’s tallest observatory/ ferris wheel. That was really cool. 

Then our “lunch” was ice cream at the ghiradelli store. Yum! We rode the monorail to the end of the line and back and then went to the Las Vegas Natural History Museum. 

They got out a tarantula and a king snake for us to touch and ask questions. The boys enjoyed themselves immensely! 

Our next stop on the trip will be Zion National Park! I’ll share that on my next post! ✌️