Sequoia National Park and Three Rivers, CA (10/21/16-10/23/16)

Second trip in the motor home and we decided to go to one of our favorite spots with family! We took Jake, Jackie, and Taylor with us and we all had a blast! 

We arrived Friday night, got set up, cooked dinner, and enjoyed s’mores by the camp fire. Jake and Jackie had to both sleep on the little couch and they were good sports about it. 

Saturday we got up, made pancakes and bacon, and then headed into the park. Taylor and Wyatt kept on getting car sick so we had to stop often to prevent them from getting sick. It took us about twice as long to get all the way up there. 

We took the half a mile hike down to see the General Sherman tree and then had to do the hike back up the hill on the way back. It was a bit of a workout! 

Then we drove a little bit further to Wolverton and enjoyed a picnic lunch. It was so beautiful driving through the park in the fall with all the leaves changing colors! 

We decided to stop and take some family pictures and I’m hoping one of them we can use for our Christmas card! 

On our way back, we stopped at Reimer’s candy and ice cream shop and enjoyed some of their fabulous ice cream. We came back and enjoyed chilling at our campsite at Sequoias Ranch RV. We love site 56 because we are so secluded. Next to us there were 2 horses and a donkey that came by and said hi and we fed them some lettuce. One horse was brown with white spots and it was so beautiful! 

We started a campfire as the sun went down and enjoyed some awesome burgers and a great time talking and hanging out. The kids started playing football in the dark and then they started playing other games too. They were so filthy but they played non stop for hours and I’m sure made some awesome memories! 

Sunday morning we woke up, made some breakfast sandwiches, and the packed up and left. It was an awesome weekend!