Ventura beach, CA (9/16/16-9/18/16)

We were just itching to take out the new rig but even though we owned it a month, this was the first weekend we could go. We stayed at Ventura Beach RV resort in site 125. It was a nice park and it was just a short walk to downtown Ventura and to the beach. They also had a pool and a heated spa which was nice since the weather was a bit chilly. 

We arrived on Friday night and enjoyed cupcakes for Wyatt’s 6th birthday! The next morning we got up and walked into Ventura to grab a coffee and tea and to see the city a bit. Then we came back and went back and got ready and walked the opposite direction to the beach. 

It was overcast and slightly windy, but it felt so good from the Bakersfield heat. James had a boogie board and was catching lots of waves and the other 2 spent a lot of time digging and playing in the sand. The water was chilly so it kept them out. Kyle did some swimming too and we took a couple of barefoot walks on the beach. 😍😍😍

We came back and had a swim in the pool and a good soak in the hot tub which had given us an idea that we need one at our house. Ha! 

Then we walked once more into town and ate dinner at the Busy Bee cafe which is a 50’s diner. It was cute and there was a juke box playing oldies. We had a slow still back with our full tummies and the boys ended up playing with about 4 other boys in the resort and I enjoyed needed to wear a jacket and have a lap quilt. 

Sunday morning we got up, ate bacon and eggs, and had another walk for coffee and tea. Then we packed up and took off. 

This trip was good because we started making a list of stuff we need in the motor home, like bedding for the boys! Geez! I can’t believe we forgot that! Haha! We can’t wait for our trip in October with family!!! 


New digs

The blog will continue, but I need to update everyone and tell you that we traded in our trailer. This blog is now a digital journal of the Tiner family camping trips no matter the rig! So what’s the new rig?!? Drum roll please….

A CLASS A MOTORHOME!!! We decided we really want to go often and go far and having the ability to make a sandwich or go to the bathroom while driving down the road was essential for us traveling with 3 boys under the age of 10. 

Pictures??? Of course! Here you go!