Mammoth,CA (7/22/16-7/29/16)

We were invited by some church friends to go dry camping in Mammoth for 8 days. What an incredible trip it was! Mammoth is breathtaking and it was wonderful to get away from the 110 degree heat of Bakersfield. 

We drove up and stayed one night at Old Shady Rest campground that is right next to the town of Mammoth Lakes. We were in site 27 and it was almost impossible to back in that site due to how narrow the road was and trees and rocks they had placed in certain areas. It was a nice little campground, but where we went next was so much better. 

We drove through the town of Mammoth lakes and then down this one lane road into a small valley. The only way in and out of this valley is this one lane road and it gets crazy when a bus and you have to figure out how to get past each other on this tiny road when one side is the the mountain and the other is a huge cliff! 

We camped at the Upper Soda Springs campground. Our site was right next to a little meadow and the Upper San Joaquin River. It was our longest time dry camping and boy was it a learning experience! It was great to camp with friends who were familiar with the area and really helped us out. 

Everyday we went for hikes, swam in the river, went fishing, spent time making better relationships with friends. 

We visited Devil’s postpile national monument and another day we hiked to Rainbow falls. 

Everyday I loved to bring my chair in the river, and just enjoy the water flowing by for several hours. 

Our last day we all hiked to Pumice Flat and saw a beautiful meadow tried swimming in a deeper part of the river. 

This is an annual trip for our friends and it was our first time joining them, and we are definitely looking forward to returning every year!