Grover Beach (6/24/16-6/26/16)

It was sooo nice to escape the 100+ degree heat of Bakersfield at the beach! Ahh! This was an interesting trip because it was our first trip taking the trailer out without Kyle. It was just my parents, the boys, and I. We stayed at Le Sage Rivera in Grover beach in site 111. I definitely recommend getting a pull through site and not a back in because their back in sites are perpendicular to the tiny road and it was the hardest time we’ve ever had backing in a trailer due to people’s vehicles parked a bit in the road across the street from us. 

We arrived Friday night, ate dinner, and enjoyed a nice walk from Grover beach to the monarch butterfly grove via this wooden plank path that takes you over the dunes. We saw lots of whale spouts and maybe a fin or two. 

Saturday morning we got up, ate breakfast, and then I took the boys to the beach to play. I bought a skim board that no one could figure out how to use. There were all these sand crabs being brought in in the beaches and then as the water leaves they bury themselves in the sand. The boys loved them but they freaked me out when they touched me. Wyatt and I also played frisbee and he started getting really good at it. Also, the good year blimp flew by!  

​We were having a wonderful time when all of a sudden the wind really picked up and then everyone left the beach. We went back to our trailer, at lunch, then my mom and I went shopping at the Pismo outlet mall. I bought earrings for Cecilia’s 11th birthday and a wallet. 
​When we came back we enjoyed some ice cream and then we went on another long walk towards the monarch grove. I made dinner, the boys watched Pirates of the Carribean with my parents. 
My dad also spent a good amount of time playing frisbee with Wyatt. 

Sunday morning we got up, ate a quick breakfast, and squeezed in a bit more beach time. They played this game where they would run into the ocean and then try to outrun a wave trying to come in and hit them. 
We came back, loaded up the trailer, and headed out! It was a nice weekend to get away from the heat, but it’ll be nice to get back to Kyle. I’m looking forward to our next trip in less than a month to Mammoth! 


Camping in Santa Barbara, CA (6/13/16-6/15/16)

After a hiatus that was too long from camping, we finally got a few days to get out of town to Santa Barbara. Originally we were supposed to camp at El Capitan but the campground we were supposed to stay at falsely advertised a lot on their webpage so we left and were lucky to find Santa Barbara Sunrise RV park. It’s the only RV park in the city of SB. We were in site 22 which is right next to a 12 foot wall that separates us from the 101 freeway. You did hear freeway traffic, but it wasn’t too bad and their staff was super nice. 

We arrived Friday later and made dinner and let the boys play outside till the sun went down. There was a chilly refreshing breeze that we aren’t used to in Bakersfield this time of year. 

Saturday we got up and went to Stearns Wharf. We got to park our car on it too! They have a really great sea center that let us touch swell sharks, sea urchins, sea cucumbers, star fish, and more. They had jellyfish, crabs, and a whole lot more. 

Then we ate some ice cream on the pier and then too a little tugboat called Lil Toot to the harbor. The boat was super cute and the boys even got to drive it. 

At the harbor we went to the Santa Barbara Maritime Museum. The boys loved it there. They had diving suits, a kids area where they could fish in a make believe kelp forest, and virtually fish, color, make captains hats, and do a scavenger hunt for a toy from the treasure chest. 

Then we rode Lil Toot back to the wharf and dropped Kyle back off at the trailer so he could study and we went to the beach. The boys had lots of fun playing in the water and sand. The boys buried themselves, rode on the boogie boards to see fish, and James even helped two girls who got beached. He is such a sweetheart! 

Then we went back and cleaned up and went to Chubbies and got burgers. The burgers and shakes were good, the fries not so much. We spent the last part of the evening watching the Lego movie in the trailer. 

On our last morning we got up and went to the Santa Barbara Natural History museum. That place was very quaint and cute. They had Sue the T-Rex, a huge insect and bird collection, rocks and fossils, a small planetarium, and a big butterfly exhibit. I definitely recommend it. It’s sad to leave this beautiful weather, but we should be doing another trip to the beach in a couple weeks so it’s nice to know we’ll be back soon.