Sequoia National Park (1/22/16-1/24/16)

Our first trip of 2016 was to Sequoia National Park. We got extremely lucky with the weather in the park because it started to snow while we were there and it truly felt magical. 

We stayed again at Sequoia RV Ranch in site 56. It’s so peaceful there and I only counted 4 other trailers there so it was almost empty. The river was much higher than it was last time too. 

We arrived Friday night, set up, made chili and corn bread, played Yatzee, and went to bed. It rained hard all through the night.

Saturday morning we got up and hopped in the truck quickly because it was still raining hard. We had to rent snow chains because they were required to enter the park. It was just pouring down rain while we started the climb up the mountain and you couldn’t see anything because of the clouds and fog. 

We reached the checkpoint where you have to put on chains and the ranger waved us through because he said we would be fine. It was so nice not to put those on! 

We made it to the Giant Forest and we took our national parks passports and stamped the cancelations in them. It was raining so hard and then it started hailing. It was miserable to be outside. 

We drove on further to General Sherman since the boys didn’t get to see it last time. That’s when everything turned magical. The rain switched to snow, tiny snowflakes. We got some awesome pics with the trees in the snow and then decided to head back because the snow started coming down thicker and we didn’t want to get stuck. Driving with those giant snowflakes amongst the largest trees in the world was simply breathtaking. I’ll add a video I took. 

A view we had coming down the mountain as the clouds were clearing.

 We stopped in Three Rivers at Reimer’s candies and gifts and got some ice cream. They had an amazing selection of candy. 

We headed back to our trailer and the boys played washers and with their swords and shields. I also took them on a walk so they could ride their scooters. 

We made a campfire and sat around it eating dinner. It got much colder than the night before so we went inside, watched a movie, and went to bed. 

Sunday morning we got up and I took the boys for a walk by the river. James fell in it, luckily only his legs, so our walk ended quickly and we went back to the trailer, packed up, and headed home. It was a short but definitely memorable trip. 👨‍👨‍👦❤️🌲