Sequoia Ranch RV park

We just finished spending 3 days and 2 nights (11/22/15-11/24/15) at Sequoia Ranch RV park and it was awesome! We were at site 56 which was super secluded from the rest of the place and had a beautiful grassy area with many oak trees shading it. There was a river that was flowing very good on the edge of the campground and if we weren’t at site 56 it would’ve been nice to be next to the river.    

( 2 pics of site 56) 


(Pics by the river)

It was surprisingly warm during the day but cool at night. We went with Nick, Annie, and Cecilia. That was the first time we have traveled with friends and had guests in our trailer, but it totally worked out well! 

The first day there we just chilled at the campsite, hiked around a bit, and fed a donkey and horse that stayed by our campsite. 

 James got stuck in some barbed wire on our hike. 

Day 2: 

We decided to pack our lunch and go into the Sequoia National forest. That was awesome! It was so beautiful and the views were amazing. We called ahead and made sure we didn’t need chains because we could rent them in the town of three rivers before we left if needed, but we didn’t. 


 After a super windy road, we visited the Giant forest museum, the Sentinel (a tree a little larger than the average tree, but still super huge compared to most trees). This area and everything higher was covered in snow. It was so beautiful. There was snow from 6,000 ft and higher. 

We then went on Wolverton. They had an awesome snow play area! It was so spread out and on some hills in the back people were sledding down the hills. We didn’t stay too long because we could BBQ our lunch there.  

We went on and tried to see the General Sherman tree but the tiny parking lot was full both times we passed it so we didn’t stop.

We moved on to Lodgepole. There was A LOT of snow, most places 3-4 ft deep. There was some brave soul tent camping in the snow. We were able to BBQ our burgers there and play in the snow. The boys played so hard in the snow that their shoes, socks, and pants were soaked and freezing and James and Houston became whiny babies. Even though we wanted to play more in the snow and take some fun pics, we ended up stripping them down to their underwear and putting them in the truck with the heater on. 

We went back to the trailer and the kids enjoyed playing hide and go seek and then watching Diary of a Wimpy Kid in the trailer while the adults built and awesome campfire and talked for hours. We all slept well that night! 

I want to go back to that same place before the snow is gone and make it all the way to Grants Grove in the Sequoia forest.


2 thoughts on “Sequoia Ranch RV park

  1. Love reading about your adventures…Sequoia is a beautiful place to camp too.We have stayed just across from Grants Grove (?), by the store and museum etc. Another wonderful place to stay is Hume Lake…look forward to more stories..

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