Boston, MA (7/17/18-7/18/18)

Damn Boston… you were AWESOME!! That was some crazy weather (flood warnings, continuous downpour), but still freakin’ awesome!

We camped in Littleton at Boston Minuteman Campground and parked our car at the train stop and rode the train into the city. One thing anyone should know visiting Boston, kids ride free on all public transportation. We ended up riding trains, subways, busses, and ferries while we were in the city.

We first went to Cheers and ate lunch. Then we were right by Boston Commons so we took a photo with a George Washington statue there. It was pouring rain but it didn’t stop us.

We next went to the USS Constitution, aka “Ol’ Iron sides”. The boys loved the boat and the museum because it had several interactive games for them to play.

We then took a ferry to the north end and ate the best cannolis we’ve ever had. Then we headed to Dolce Vita restaurant where we met the owner, Franco, and ate his yummy food. He was very warm and welcoming and created a wonderful atmosphere in his restaurant. He LOVED Houston and asked to take a photo with the boys and put it up on his wall.

We took a subway to the train station and then a train back to our car. It was a very long, but fabulous day!


Providence, RI (7/16/18-7/17/18)

We made the short drive from Connecticut to Rhode Island to enjoy the US’ littlest state. Providence had everything we were hoping for and then some!

Both Kyle and I needed new shoes and we found Garden City Center which had tons of stores and a yummy restaurant called Newport Creamery. They had “awful awful” drinks (milkshakes) and Kyle and I both ordered the vermonster which was a grilled cheese sandwich with bacon, maple syrup, and caramelized onions, cooked in a waffle maker! Delicious!!

After new shoes and food, we went to Rocky Point State Park which was our first time touching the Atlantic Ocean! It was surprisingly warm! The beach was quite rocky and I collected a bunch of rocks and seashells in my Starbucks cup. Off to Boston tomorrow! I’m so excited!


Barkhamsted, Connecticut (7/15/18-7/16/18)

We stayed at a cute campground in the middle of the woods called White Pines Campground in Connecticut. Everything was green and it was full of trees there. We didn’t even leave out campground for food. We just cooked up some eggs and enjoyed the facilities they have there.

They had a decent lake with 2 kayaks so we let the boys try out kayaking for the first time. They loved it and Wyatt was a super quick study. The boys also played on their playground and Kyle and I had a good walk to get in all of our steps. I would definitely stay there again! On to Rhode Island!


Niagara Falls and Grand Island, NY (7/14/18-7/15/18)

We moved on with Rachel and Zach to Grand Island, NY and Niagara Falls! That area was soooo fun, but it was surprisingly hot and humid! We stayed at the Grand Island KOA which was pricy but worth it because they had 2 water slides that went into their pool.

We set off for Niagara Falls and the first thing we did was eat at the Blues Burger Bar in the Seneca Casino. They had free parking there and the food was good! Then we separated because we had our passports and they didn’t and we heard the Canadian side was way better, which was true.

It took a bit to cross rainbow bridge, and a whole lot of time to find a parking spot. We got there to falls, found the long line for the horn blower cruises, and waited probably around 30-45 minutes for the boat.

It was DEFINITELY worth it! The falls are incredible! You can only see the falls in their entirety from Canada. The boat gets you WET. My eyes were burning from the salt water, but it was super cool to get that close to the falls!

When we were done, we returned to Grand Island where we wanted ice cream. We went to Adrian’s beef and custard, not the best name I know…. but boy did they have an amazing selection of flavors and a variety of dipped cones.

We hung out at the campsite and the boys swam and went down that water slide about 100 times. They loved it!

For dinner we went to Pizza Amore which was in a gas station, but had the highest google review for pizza on Grand Island. It was nice in there and the pizza was excellent! We got this pizza with a weird, sweet pepper and it was hot and the sweet, very cool!

We went back in to the falls and watched the fireworks at 10:00pm. They were fabulous!! We saw many we had never seen before! Really cool stuff!!

Rachel and Zach had to leave and head back home so we are off to Connecticut alone. Ready for the adventure to continue!


Lake Erie and Erie, PA (7/13/18-7/14/18)

Lake Erie was the first Great Lake we have ever visited! Boy was it amazing! It went as far as the eye could see and ended at the horizon. It was beautiful! The sand was quite rough though… definitely not as smooth as beach sand!

Rachel and Zach came from West Virginia and joined us for today and tomorrow. We went out on this peninsula called Presque Isle and took a row boat out on some lagoons that get fed water from Lake Erie. Poor Kyle had to work so hard to take us around in that boat! Rachel and Zach had it much easier in their kayak. It was really pretty out there!

We ate at a burger joint right there on Presque Isle called Sara’s. It was great food and some yummy dessert!

We enjoyed stilling around in the evening visiting with Rachel and Zach learning more about their lives in WV and the boys played in the pool and the sand pit at the campground. Pennsylvania was awesome!!


Cuyahoga Valley National Park, OH (7/12/18-7/13/18)

Cuyahoga Valley National Park was a bit underwhelming unfortunately. We went to the Boston Mills area and walked right past the visitor’s center because we didn’t see any sign identifying it as the visitor’s center. After about 20 minutes of searching, we finally found it and they don’t sell the park sticker that we have collected at 19 other parks. We bought some Mitchell’s ice cream (homemade in Cleveland) and enjoyed it. The park was pretty and it looked like there was a great bike path and hiking, but we didn’t have time for that.

We stayed at Woodside Lake campground and it did not disappoint! I wished the boys could’ve swam, but you can only swim when there was a lifeguard on duty. They did enjoy playing on the playground and Kyle and I enjoyed a long walk together.


West Lafayette and Indianapolis, IN (7/9/18-7/12/18)

Seeing longtime friends is such a fun and heartwarming thing to do! Anna was our neighbor for 5 years and we became the best of friends. She moved to Indiana to take care of her granddaughter while her kids go to Purdue University. We stayed with her for 3 days and boy did she spoil us rotten! She fed us the entire time and also took us to the Children’s museum of Indianapolis, which is the largest one in the world!

One hot day we went to Purdue and the boys got to play in one of their water fountains! It was very impressive! While we were there, there was thunder and the sky opened up and it was the biggest downpour we’ve ever been in!

We spent our time eating, playing with her dog buddy, catching fireflies, and she bought a slip and slide and a blow up pool for the boys. We had a blast and were sad to leave!